About the Foundation

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-2015 Annual Report

The Prairie School Foundation, established in 1981 is a non- profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our students and making a difference in their Prairie education. The mission of the Prairie School Foundation is Working Together for a Better Tomorrow.
The Prairie School Foundation is chartered by the State of Iowa and is governed by a 35 member volunteer board. As a not for profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, the Foundation solicit and received tax-deductible gifts. These funds are managed for the benefit of the school district.
By sharing the goal, success for all, the Foundation actively works as a partner with the school district to identify needs, develop initiatives, and channel resources toward programs to help enhance academic achievement for all students.
Supporting the Foundation is the most tangible way to demonstrate your personal commitment to Prairie, its students, teachers and programs. Foundation support is absolutely vital to Prairie’s quality and Foundation dollars play a key role in our children’s education. Your heartfelt participation is what sets College Community Schools apart from the rest.

Donor Support Helps All Prairie Kids
Donor support is critical in our efforts to enhance educational opportunities for all Prairie kids.  Each fall and the Foundation allocates funds to all Prairie schools.  Below is a list of items and programs that were supported with Foundation dollars:


All Prairie Schools

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)


Prairie Edge

Classroom Materials

Prairie High School
Functional Life Skills Items                                                                                   
Makerspace in Library                                              
Ice Machine                                                  
Weight Bars and Safety Clamps                             
Ipads, Ipods, Cases                                         
Video Camera, Tripod, Memory Cards                                                                 

Prairie Point
Breakout EDU Kits                                                                                              
Production Lab                                                               
Screen Printing Studio                                                                            
Baby Think It Over                                                                                
Prairie Creek                                                                                    
Maker Lab                                                    
Bikes in the Classroom                                                                                  
Rhythm Instruments

Prairie Crest
Portable Cd Drive

Ipod Chargers

Robots for Makerspace


Prairie Heights
Math Exploration Geometric Shapes

Portable DVD Players



Bass Bar


Prairie Hill


Apple TV’s




Book Sets

Prairie Ridge
Parent & Community Communications

Prairie View
Shared Reading Materials

Headphones for IPads

External DVD Drives

LCD Projector

Ipad Airs