Grants & Allocations



Each year school year the Prairie Foundation will distribute funding to each school building based on the certified enrollment in grades AK through 12. The Foundation is pleased to announce that they will distribute $38,500 to our schools for the 2016-2017 school year.  

Deadlines: November 1 & March 1

Student Enrichment Deadline: November 1 and April 1

The Foundation's expectation is that all funds should be spent by May 1.

  1. Each school will form a building allocations committee to include the principal and building representatives. The building committee should name a chairperson from the building representatives to serve as a liaison between the school and the Foundation. It is the goal of the Foundation Allocations Committee to communicate with the building liaisons at various times during the year. We would encourage the building liaisons to contact the Foundation Allocations Committee through Foundation Operations Manager Kathy Waychoff whenever the need arises. Open lines of communication will be the key to the success of the process. By early October each building committee will know the amount of funding available to them for the school year.
  2. The building committee at each school will propose what projects will be funded for its school. The building committee will submit, in writing, a brief description of the projects it wishes to fund and the cost of each project to the Foundation Allocations Committee via Foundation Operations Manager Kathy Waychoff by November 1 and March 1. The Foundation Allocations Committee will review the funding requests. Projects/equipment that adheres to the Foundation guidelines will be presented to the Foundation members at the November and March board meetings for approval. Building committees will receive notification of approved funding within a week of the board meeting. A building committee may request all of its funding for projects in the November 1st submission.
  3. The building committee must adhere to the guidelines specified by the Foundation.
    1. The funds should be used for projects or items that have a long term impact and benefit the highest number of students.
    2. Past financial support does not establish entitlement for additional/continuing support or set a precedent for future funding.
    3. Funds must be used to supplement the district curriculum, not supplant it.
    4. Funding for large group projects should go through the building allocations process. Additional funding from the Foundation may be requested by contacting the Foundation Allocations Committee via Foundation Operations Manager Kathy Waychoff.


  4. The building principal is responsible for providing documentation on how the funds were used. The Foundation will provide forms for this purpose. Forms should be turned in to the Foundation Allocations Committee in care of Foundation Operations Manager Kathy Waychoff within 60 days of expenditure.
  5. Use labels, available from the Foundation, to mark books and other materials that are purchased from Foundation funds.
  6. Funding available to each building will vary annually based on the available resources and student enrollment.

A major purpose of the Prairie School Foundation is to provide financial support to improve learning opportunities for staff and students in the College Community School District. Part of our success in providing funds is effective communication with the staff and patrons of the district. Building committees can assist our fundraising efforts in the following ways:

  1. Involve many staff members in making the decision about how building funds will be spent. Staff members will become more aware of the availability of funds from the Foundation and the decision making involved in determining how to allocate them. Staff members are also communicators who will tell neighbors and friends about the work of the Foundation. When purchases are reported to the Foundation, we will then inform Foundation members, donors, and potential donors about district items that were bought using Foundation funds.
  2. Recognize the purchases provided by the Foundation in your communications. The more patrons understand the work of the Foundation, the more likely they are to support our fundraising efforts.

We hope that this new means of distributing funds to the buildings will result in more effective and efficient allocations. Please let us know if we can assist you in the process.  

Christy Manternach
Allocations Chair